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Space Solar System, Black Holes, Nuetron Stars
Elements Periodic Table, Chemicals, Compounds
Dinosaurs T-Rex, Triceratops, Spinosaurus
Scientists Newton, Curie, Einstein, Patterson
Rocks Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic
Animals Lions, Tigers, Bears, Seals

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Just Give Me the Facts

So you think you’re pretty smart? We have created a quiz website that is designed to challenge kids and adults alike. We wanted to focus on science because we feel there is a dearth of focus on facts in society, and what better way to get to facts than science?

Science and Gamification

Sometimes academic study feels dry. How can we enhance the experience to make it more pleasant, dare we say, exciting? We added gamification to our quizzes to increase motivation, engagement, and excitement. As you take the quiz, you can increase the number of coins you get, allowing you to buy more "lives" and help get answers. Every time you answer questions you also drive up the world coin count. The total number of all coins earned by answering questions is summed up as the world coin count. We hope to reach over 1 million coins in the next year while improving science knowledge!

The Future

We are adding more quiz questions everyday. So what are you waiting for? Check you science knowledge now!